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“Fevered” – a Hawking scene in a time of social distancing

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Missing a little Mrs. Hawking in your life in quarantine?

Our actresses Cari Keebaugh and Arielle Kaplan have put together a scene for you!

a Mrs. Hawking scene by Phoebe Roberts

Between “Mrs. Frost” and “Fallen Women”

1888, in a room in a London mental institution

Cari Keebaugh as Mrs. Hawking

Arielle Kaplan as Mrs. Frost

Editing by Cari Keebaugh

“Which one of us is trapped in here with who, I wonder?”


MRS. FROST video available for viewing!

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Mrs. Hawking is accomplished at the Watch City Steampunk Festival 2019!


Photos by Daniel Fox.

Our productions of Part IV: Gilded Cages and our newest piece, Part V: Mrs. Frost, went up to great response this May in Waltham. We’re so grateful to our audiences, as well as our amazing cast and crew, for making it such a great show!

If you missed catching our newest play, you can check out this video of the Arisia 2019 performance made by the great Syd Weinstein and his technical crew this January.

Mrs. Frost – Part V of Mrs. Hawking at Arisia 2019
from sydweinstein on Vimeo

We’re incredibly proud of how hard we work to top our presentations every year. If you weren’t able to join us live, make sure you take a moment to catch these recordings, so you can share in the most intense chapter of our story yet!


Trailer for debut of MRS. FROST at Arisia 2019!

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Check out our awesome trailer for the debut performance of our new installment, MRS. FROST, at Arisia 2019!

Introducing MRS. FROST
By Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin

“London, 1886— The reveal of Mrs. Hawking’s greatest enemy yet has left our hero brooding over past failures, and so consumed by her quest to destroy the criminal mastermind that even her apprentices Mary and Nathaniel feel frozen out of her life. But when Nathaniel is taken captive by her nemesis, and an important figure from her past returns, Mrs. Hawking must work with a team of remarkable women to confront their demons and tear down this criminal empire once and for all. Content note: mention of sexual assault, Victorian mental health practices.”

As part of Arisia 2019

Saturday, Janaury 19th

In the Grand Ballroom
at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Cari Keebaugh as Mrs. Hawking
Circe Rowan as Mary Stone
Jeremiah O’Sullivan as Nathaniel Hawking
Naomi Ibatsitas as Madam Malaika
Matthew Kamm as Arthur Swann
Sara Smith as Clara Hawking
Andrew Prentice as Roland Davies
Pieter Wallace as Dr. Enfield
Arielle Kaplan as Mrs. Frost

Trailer credits:
Director: Phoebe Roberts and Sean Sederholm
Cinematography: Paul Stamper and Caitlin Brown
Sound: Noel Ramos
Lighting: John Mosetich
Boom: Pieter Wallace
Production Design: Sarah Sherman
Script Supervisor: Geena Forristall
Producer: Francis Sheehan
with Cari Keebaugh as Mrs. Hawking and Circe Rowan as Mary

Mrs. Hawking: Gilded Cages and Mrs. Hawking: Mrs. Frost by Phoebe Roberts are to be performed January 18th at 7:30PM and January 19th at 4PM respectively as part of Arisia 2019 in Grand Ballroom A at the Boston Park Plaza.


New show video of Gilded Cages at Arisia 2018!

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We now have this wonderful video of our performance of Mrs. Hawking part IV: Gilded Cages from its debut at Arisia 2018!

Gilded Cages – Part 4 of the Mrs Hawking Serial Play from sydweinstein on Vimeo.

Thanks to Syd Weinstein and his excellent crew, the very first performance of Gilded Cages has been captured for us to view at our leisure. Rewatching the production now, it makes me even prouder of our most ambitious show yet.

So, if you missed us at this past Arisia or the Watch City Steampunk Festival, be sure to check out this fabulous show video.

And if you want to catch up on the entire Mrs. Hawking saga, head over to our Shows page to see all the great episode recordings that the Arisia video crew has made for us.

To donate to the Mrs. Hawking – Proof of Concept film project:


Video recording of Base Instruments at Arisia 2017!

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We are proud to announce the video recording is now available for our performance of Base Instruments at Arisia 2017!

Base Instruments by Phoebe Roberts

Base Instruments from sydweinstein on Vimeo.

We are so happy to be able to present part 3 of the Mrs. Hawking series recorded for you to enjoy whenever you like. Thanks so much to Syd Weinstein and crew, who filmed this at Arisia 2017 and edited it together for us.

Please be sure to visit our Shows page for the video recordings of all three of the Mrs. Hawking so far, and see how all the hard work of all the great artists in our cast and crew come together to tell these amazing stories.


Recording of Base Instruments staged reading

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Were you hoping to catch the Bare Bones staged reading of Mrs. Hawking part three, Base Instruments, but couldn’t make the performance date? Well, turns out you are in luck, because we were able to capture the reading for your listening pleasure!


The following two files on the Mrs. Hawking YouTube channel have recording of the audio of the Base Instruments reading. Act one is in the first recording and act two is in the second. The quality is not perfect, as they were recorded on the fly during the reading, but they do a good job capturing the performances and the reactions of the audience.

What I particularly enjoy about these is they preserve the natural responses of the listeners in the moment. I really enjoy noting what lines got laughs– Eric Cheung as Justin Hawking had scenes where it was almost a one-to-one laugh-to-line ratio! And I really got a kick out of the charmed reaction they had to the scene between Mary and Arthur. It even draws my attention to where there WASN’T the response I was expecting, so I know where to examine more closely for editing. And of course it captures the awesome performances of the actors. I was really lucky to work with such a talented cast, many of whom were switching not just between characters, but also accents!

So if you missed the Bare Bones reading, please give these a listen. It’s a great way to take in the story of Base Instruments, performed by talented people with live audience feedback, just the way a show like that is intended.


Video recording of Mrs. Hawking production!

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I am very proud to present the video recording of the fully produced Mrs. Hawking, the first installment of our series!

Mrs Hawking from sydweinstein on Vimeo.

This recording captures the Arisia 2016 performance on the main stage at the Westin Waterfront Boston. We were very lucky to have videographer Syd Weinstein and his crew run the cameras during our run, and he has edited together a dynamic, focused recording. What I love about it is that it captures many of the finer details of our story that might not be so clear onstage. I think it’s a great representation of all the hard work and craft coming together to tell this unique story.


I’m also glad to have this because, since Mrs. Hawking has seen four runs over the last two years, it’s going to be retired from production for the time being. This will enable us to free up the time and resources to produce the subsequent installments. Having this recording will still allow people to experience it even though it’s no going to be performed in the near future.

That’s especially great for the upcoming June 10th staged reading of part three, Base Instruments. Watching the video will enable the audience to get up to speed with all the spectacle of the full production before experiencing the further story. So, for those of you who missed the performances at previous shows, or for those who’d like a closer look at all the nuances of the production, please check out this awesome video.

The staged reading of Base Instruments by Phoebe Roberts will go up on June 10th at 8PM at with the Bare Bones reading series, brought to you by Theatre@First.


Creator interview on Radio of Horror

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In the course of our productions for Arisia 2016, I gave an interview on the plays with Dr. Chris of Radio of Horror about what makes the story interesting and where we hope to take it.

To hear this ten-minute interview, catch this recording of our conversation on YouTube.


This was given in anticipation of our performances this past January, but it’s also a good primer on the series if you’re interested in catching us at the Watch City Steampunk Festival this May. For more of Dr. Chris‘s Radio of Horror show, check 91.3 FM WCUW in Worcester, MA.

Mrs. Hawking and Vivat Regina will be performed on May 7th as part of the Watch City Steampunk Festival 2016 in Waltham, MA.


Mrs. Hawking on the highlight reel of Watch City Steampunk Festival ’15!

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Mrs. Hawking is accomplished at the Watch City Steampunk Festival ’15!


We had our two performances to excellent audiences this past Saturday, and I couldn’t be more pleased and proud. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, as well as our hardworking cast and crew who made these wonderful shows possible!

Soon we’ll be reporting in more detail about how this production turned out. In the meantime, check out this highlight reel from all the cool steampunk activities that happened at our venue, the Center for Digital Arts. In addition to shots of scenes 1.1 and 1.3 of our play, keep an eye out for Sarah Jenkins (Mrs. Fairmont), Jordan Greeley (Sir Walter), Frances Kimpel (Mrs. Hawking), and Morgan Ong (Ensemble) in their photo sessions!


Phoebe talks Mrs. Hawking for New England New Play Alliance

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I was lucky enough to give an interview about Mrs. Hawking for the New England New Play Alliance!

In it I discuss my thoughts behind what’s engaging about theater, the appeal of Mrs. Hawking, and how I hope to speak to geeks, theater and otherwise, with their passion and enthusiasm for the stories they love. This interview, and the details of Mrs. Hawking’s upcoming performance this weekend, will be released this Tuesday in issue #49 of their digest.

Thanks to Patti Cassidy of Boston Play Cafe for this interview!

Mrs. Hawking by Phoebe Roberts will be performed on Saturday, May 9th at 2PM and 6PM at the Center for Digital Arts at 274 Moody Street, Waltham as part of the 2015 Watch City Steampunk Festival.

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