Red theatrical curtain

For the Stage:

Series I

I. Mrs. Hawking – the Stage Play

The story in its original form, intended for performance on the stage.

II. Vivat Regina – the Stage Play

The first sequel to “Mrs. Hawking,” the second piece in the first cycle.

III. Base Instruments – the Stage Play

Following “Vivat Regina,” the third piece in the first cycle.


Series II

IV. Gilded Cages – the Stage Play

Following “Base Instruments,” the first play of the second cycle.

V. Mrs. Frost – the Stage Play

Following “Gilded Cages,” the second play of the second cycle.

VI. Fallen Women – the Stage Play

Following “Mrs. Frost,” the third play of the second cycle.



I. Gentlemen Never Tell – the Stage Play

A comedic side story starring Justin Hawking.


Additional Pieces

Like a Loss – the Ten-Minute Play

A short play set eighteen years before “Mrs. Hawking.” Colonel Hawking’s valet Chapman knows where he lays the blame for the difficult time his master is going through, but the Colonel won’t allow his man to pass judgment.

For the Screen:

Mrs. Hawking – the Television Pilot

The first play adapted as a series pilot for television.

Additional Materials

Mrs. Hawking – TV series bible

A five-page treatment outlining the major characters, themes, and direction of the Mrs. Hawking TV series.