About the Author


Phoebe Roberts is the Boston-area artist behind the world of Mrs. Hawking. She is a 2009 graduate of Brandeis University, as well as a 2013 alumna of the MFA in Creative Writing for the Stage and Screen at Lesley University. Her longtime love of fantasy, period drama, and the Steampunk subculture led her to create these characters and this world. Her ten-minute plays have been performed across the country, and her original Depression-era screenplay “The Tailor at Loring’s End” placed in the Quarter Finals of the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting contest of 2013. She is also prolific as both a writer and player in the New England live-action roleplay scene, as well as a frequent actor, director, costume designer, and model. She is available for commission for select creative projects.


Frances Kimpel as Victoria Hawking
Charlotte Oswald as Mary Stone


Stephanie Karol, 2013
John Benfield, 2015


Header: Back Lane by Georgina-Gibson
Background: Victorian Decay by the-night-bird
Theme: Typo-o-graphy by Blank Canvas


Backdrop Vintage Theater Curtain – red by EK Duncan

Special Thanks:

Chad Bergeron
Bernie Gabin, for everything