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Mrs. Victoria Hawking

Photo by Damian Hickey (www.damianhickey.com)

Frances Kimpel as Mrs. Hawking

Full name: Victoria Cornelia Stanton Hawking
Birthdate: January 22nd, 1840
Marital status: Widowed, wife of Reginald Hawking 1860-1879
Occupation: Society widow; secretly, champion of downtrodden women

Most people who meet Mrs. Hawking can tell she’s a little strange. Cold, sharp, quiet, with a curious solitary habit that only increased with the death of her husband. But no one guessed that concealed by her impassive appearance is a fierce and fearless society avenger with a keen deductive mind and an arsenal of subterfuge and stealth.

For twenty years she has been secretly striking back for women trapped into difficult positions by the strictures of society. But for all the good work she does, sometimes she is handicapped by motivations that have too much to do with the decades of resentment she’s built up at the world. Though at first she is resistant to Mary’s presence in her life, her house maid comes to not only provide invaluable assistance in her work, but also a lifeline back to the world when her anger threatens to consume her.

Appearances: Mrs. Hawking, Vivat Regina, Base Instruments, Gilded Cages
Mentions: Like a Loss

Miss Mary Stone

Photo by Damian Hickey (www.damianhickey.com)

Circe Rowan as Mary

Full name: Mary Frances Stone
Birthdate: June 10th, 1860
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Maid of all work; secretly, champion of downtrodden women

The first twenty years of Mary‘s life were spent keeping house and caring for an invalid mother at her father’s military station in India. But her life exploded with meaning and new purpose when accepting the job as Mrs. Hawking’s maid drew her into a world of righting wrongs and challenging the most unjust assumptions of Victorian society.

She has much to learn, but she is bright and brave and willing to take on any challenge. While she needs Mrs. Hawking to show her the way, she brings the perspective of a woman who has the least power and the greatest struggle, and her fair mind and compassionate heart balance the righteous rage of her fiery mistress. In that manner, her mentor needs her just as much.

Appearances: Mrs. Hawking, Vivat Regina, Base Instruments, Gilded Cages

Mr. Nathaniel Hawking

Photo by Damian Hickey (www.damianhickey.com)

Jeremiah O’Sullivan as Nathaniel

Full name: Nathaniel James Hawking
Birthdate: May 18th, 1855
Marital status: Married, husband of Clara Hawking 1876-present
Occupation: Speculative financier

Nathaniel Hawking idolized his uncle the decorated army colonel from the time he was a boy, so it was only natural that when his uncle passed he would be the one to step up and take care of his widowed aunt. Full of easy charm and brought up believing he has a right to take charge, at first glance Nathaniel is everything that Mrs. Hawking resents about Victorian men. But before long he finds the best thing he can do for his aunt is not to try to protect her, but to assist her in her work.

Nathaniel may have begun as a chip off the old block of his traditional family, but the more he learns, the more eager he is to do better. It is no easy thing to learn to challenge a system that has privileged you your entire life, so it is to Nathaniel’s credit that he is working so hard to grow past his patriarchal upbringing and fight for a more just world.

Appearances: Mrs. Hawking, Vivat Regina, Base Instruments, Gilded Cages
Mentions: Like a Loss

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