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The year is 1880 in the reign of Queen Victoria. Young Mary Stone has just arrived alone and friendless in London, unsure of what to do with herself after a lifetime of keeping house for her late parents in India. She has no choice but to accept a position as a house girl for Mrs. Victoria Hawking, an aloof, mysterious society widow who seems to want nothing to do with her. But when she discovers Mrs. Hawking’s true business, as a secret champion to the otherwise helpless women of London, Mary is drawn into a world of new heroic purpose battling against devious blackmailers, rescuing kidnapped children, and struggling against the restrictive place their society forces on women.


Photo by Dan Fox

Mrs. Hawking, the new steampunk series by Boston-area writers Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin, takes a bold new approach to the classic genre of the Victorian mystery caper. Begin with a Sherlock Holmes of sorts, a deductive genius following the threads of wrongdoing as concealed by the careful manners of a straitlaced culture. Blend into this the psychological complexity of a brooding, Batman-esque avenger, driven by old wounds and a fierce indignation over society’s injustice. And to complete the image, give it a twist– make her a woman, her endeavors cloaked by a mask of harmless respectability, when in reality she is a defiant, Steampunk-style shattering of the delicate Victorian mold. Join Mary as she enters the world of Mrs. Victoria Hawking, and see for yourself what a compelling combination this makes!



Mrs. Hawking and its five sequels, Vivat Regina, Base Instruments, Gilded Cages, Mrs. Frost, and Fallen Women, as well as the spinoff Gentlemen Never Tell, exist as scripts for to be performed on the stage, which are available for perusal in the Scripts section.

The television pilot for the Mrs. Hawking series can also be found on the Scripts page. The proof of concept for the television series is currently in production.

Recordings of the stage performances can be viewed on the Shows page.