Announcing our plan for Mrs. Hawking to return to the all-online Arisia 2021 in socially distanced form!

We are returning with part VI: FALLEN WOMEN, adapted for digital socially distanced production, and debuting the all-new GENTLEMEN NEVER TELL, a Wodehousian side comedy in our very first produced Mrs. Hawking spinoff!

We are adapting to social distancing for production!

By Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin

MRS. VICTORIA HAWKING, lady’s society avenger – Cari Keebaugh
MISS MARY STONE, her maid companion and protege – Circe Rowan
MR. NATHANIEL HAWKING, her nephew and assistant – Christian Krenek
SGT. ARTHUR SWANN, a policeman and Mary’s beau, – Matthew Kamm
MRS. CLARA HAWKING, a society lady and Nathaniel’s wife – Jackie Freyman
MRS. ELIZABETH FROST, a criminal mastermind, now institutionalized – Arielle Kaplan
MISS MARY JANE KELLY, a Whitechapel prostitute – Sara Dion
MISS VIOLET STRALLAN, a London nurse – Elizabeth Ross
MR. ROLAND DAVIES, Mrs. Frost’s henchman – Andrew Prentice
A DISTINGUISHED MATRON, in widow’s weeds – Jenn Day
THE RIPPER, the Whitechapel murderer – Pieter Wallace
MADAM MALAIKA SHAH, a spectre of the past – Naomi Ibatsitas
Ensemble – Kate Potter, Jason Tilton

and debuting

By Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin

MR. JUSTIN HAWKING, a charming globetrotting rake – Eric Cheung
MR. PETER MORGAN, his straight man of a valet – Pieter Wallace
MISS ROSALINE PEMBROKE, a fellow bon vivant traveler – Naomi Floro
The Honorable MR. CASSIUS EVANS, a socialite and Justin’s old flame – Andy LeBlanc
THEO PRYCE, Lord Cornin, the doltish groom-to-be – Matthew Kamm
The Honorable MISS ANNABEL BROADWATER , the embittered bride-to-be – Arielle Kaplan
MISS CORA LITTLE, maid companion to Annabel – Elizabeth Ross
MRS. EMMELINE BROADWATER, Annabel’s guardian aunt – Sara Dion
MR. MARTIN QUINCY, Mrs. Broadwater’s butler – Jason Tilton
MR. NATHANIEL HAWKING, Justin’s younger brother – Christian Krenek