The Clients

Mrs. Celeste Fairmont

Sarah Jenkins as Mrs. Fairmont

Full name: Celeste Leighton Fairmont
Marital status: Married, wife to Jacob Fairmont
Occupation: Society wife

A refined society woman married to an important man, Mrs. Celeste Fairmont faces the challenges of the word armored in an air of intense respectability. She comes into the story when her one transgression in all her life is discovered by the villain, blackmailer Lord Cedric Brockton. While at first she tries to hide the truth even from Mrs. Hawking, the reveal of her scandalous secret ends up driving our hero to confront some old wounds of her own.

Appearances: Mrs. Hawking

Mrs. Johanna Braun


Full name: Unknown
Marital status: Unknown
Occupation: Society lady

Mrs. Johanna Braun enters the story cloaked in mystery and misdirection. Speaking in a slight German accent, this well-dressed lady introduces herself with, “You may address me as Mrs. Johanna Braun,” in reference to Sherlock Holmes classic “A Scandal in Bohemia.” It is clear that she is not exactly who she says she is. But as the play goes on, more and more hints are dropped as to her true identity, and perhaps the viewer will figure it out as Mrs. Hawking does. Her mission, as well as her secret self, casts a harsh light on the real social problems the Victorian age was rife with.

Appearances: Vivat Regina

Miss Elena Zakharova


Full name: Elena Nikolaevna Zakharova
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Featured dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet

Miss Elena Zakharova is a rising star in the St. Petersberg ballet. With the murder of her fellow dancer, she brings the first true mystery we ever watch the team solve. But the story she carries with her into Mrs. Hawking’s parlor is not the whole story, and the real truth reveals a lurking darkness even beyond the grimness of murder. Outwardly an artist of the most exquisite caliber, the burdens and inner demons Miss Zakharova secretly contends with remind our hero of those fears she’d rather not face.

Appearances: Base Instruments