Our tech week begins today, meaning we are in our final days before Vivat Regina and Base Instruments are performed at the Watch City Steampunk Festival!

The MRS. HAWKING series, featuring the continuing adventures of a lady Sherlock Holmes who’s a lot more like Batman.

By Phoebe Roberts

Saturday, May 13th
2pm at 274 Moody Street in Waltham, MA

London, 1881— The continuing story of the lady’s champion of London! Mrs. Hawking is stern in training her new assistant, housemaid Mary Stone, in the art of society avenging. But when a mysterious lady under a false name brings them an impossible mission, our heroines must join all their varied strengths together to see justice done.


By Phoebe Roberts

Saturday, May 13th
6pm at 274 Moody Street in Waltham, MA

London, 1883— Mrs. Hawking returns in a new adventure! When Mrs. Hawking is injured in the line of duty, the press for Mary to master the society avenging becomes all the more urgent as a Mariinsky dancer approaches them to solve the murder of the prima ballerina. Join our team as they seek to reconcile the difficult path of the hero with the unraveling of the mystery and championing for justice.

Admission is FREE

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