Tonight is our one-night-only staged reading of Vivat Regina at Bare Bones with Theater at First!

Last night we held our final rehearsal, which I am pleased to report went well. That was the first time we were able to run through the whole play in its entirety, and it was fascinating to see how the cast used it to carry them through their arcs. More than the original, this is a piece where each scene builds upon the scenes that came before it. It builds up a real momentum that way, where the personal moments and the plot of the caper weave in an out of each other toward their conclusion. I was very proud of the actors for using it to give each character’s story a trajectory. It’s challenging, too, to convey the sense of action and adventure when it’s only a reading, but the narrators reading the stage directions do a phenomenal job telling that part of the story. I think it’s very exciting, even without all the visuals, and I hope you will too.


So please join us tonight! Come to Unity Somerville at 6 William Street in Somerville, MA at 8pm tonight, October 2nd. Admission is free, but donations are gladly accepted to support Theatre@First.