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Performance times at Arisia 2020!

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At Arisia 2020!, Mrs. Hawking will be finally taking on Jack the Ripper, and other supervillains. And now have our performance times for our shows at the con!


The MRS. HAWKING series

at Arisia 2020
at the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel
425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

presented by Breaking Light Productions




Mrs. Frost
by Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin

Friday, January 17th
7:30PM in Grand Ballroom B

“London, 1886— The reveal of Mrs. Hawking’s greatest enemy yet has left our hero brooding over past failures, consumed by her quest to destroy the criminal mastermind. Even her apprentices Mary and Nathaniel feel frozen out of her life. But when Nathaniel is taken captive by her nemesis, and an important figure from her past returns, Mrs. Hawking must learn to work with a team of remarkable women to confront their demons and tear down this criminal empire once and for all. CN: Victorian mental health practices, mention of sexual assault.





Fallen Women
by Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin

Saturday, January 18th
6PM in Grand Ballroom B

“London, 1888— Mrs. Hawking’s great rival may have been vanquished, but the struggle has left rifts in the once-close bond between our heroes. They find themselves alienated and in pain even as they must swing into action to take on the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper. Where once they were always there for one another, a new life path opening up for Mary, Nathaniel’s lingering trauma, and Mrs. Hawking’s pulling away from her chosen family threaten to shatter the team forever. CN: gunshots, mention of spousal violence, violence against sex workers.

Join us this January for our newest thrilling installment!

Mrs. Hawking: MRS. FROST and FALLEN WOMEN by Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin will be performed as part of Arisia 2020 on Friday, January 17th at 7:30PM and Saturday, January 18th at 6PM respectively in Grand Ballroom B at 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA in the Boston Westin Waterfront

Photos by Dan Fox.


Motherhood in Fallen Women

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Motherhood is all over the new play FALLEN WOMEN, as a motif and as a theme, manifesting in diverse and far-reaching ways. The positive and the negative of it, the responsibility and burden. The significance of the role in people’s lives, and the lives of their children, or child figures.

I didn’t want to be prescriptive about it— present the theme as if there’s only one way for a person to be a mother, or feel about their parenthood. Particularly since our main character’s alienation from it has been a consistent part of her character. This play actually contains the most references to Gabriel, Mrs. and Colonel Hawking’s stillborn son, of any show, though few of them are direct. But more important than that is the nature of the relationship between our main characters.

Mrs. Hawking’s relationship with Mary and Nathaniel is very parental in a lot of ways. She teaches them, she protects them, she loves them in a way she never would have thought possible. And when they individuate from her, wanting things and pushing for things she doesn’t, it’s painful for her in the way it is for any parent whose child is abjecting from them.

But at the same time, a lot of her filling this role is reluctant. Mrs. Hawking chafes under the responsibility she owes Mary and Nathaniel. They have emotional needs of her that she finds difficult to fulfill. Even more than that, she is afraid of what this connection means to them. Intimacy has always been a double-edged sword for her, and she fears needing them in turn too much. And she is afraid of what loving her, needing her, will do to them. In the last several years, it has been driven home for her that everyone she was ever close to was either destroyed by it, or forced to leave her for their own wellbeing.

As for the rest of the story, the presence of motherhood manifesting in the lives of others is all around them. Many of the ways are spoilers, so I don’t want to be too specific. But this case is going to be rife with women who intersect with motherhood in varied ways. Even Mrs. Frost knows more about this topic than we may have previously suspected, and her perspective will have a profound influence on Mrs. Hawking.

Creating a layered narrative is always really important for Hawking shows. And the Jack the Ripper case is a well-worn one in storytelling, so of course we’ve got to do what we can to bring our own interpretation, our own meaning to it. This is one of the ways we’re attempting to do this.

Catch Mrs. Hawking in MRS. FROST and the all-new FALLEN WOMEN this January at Arisia 2020 in Boston, MA!